Summerbridge Biomass Project Nearing Completion:

Biomass boiler, solar thermal, underfloor heating, and borehole filtration installation:

We’re nearing completion on a project for Make It Wild near Harrogate. The project has taken place over a 10 month period. Make it wild encourage greater knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world. They offer nature retreats and carbon mitigation projects.

We’ve installed solar thermal and a biomass boiler to provide heating and hot water for the property. The solar power is used when the weather permits, and the biomass boiler provides energy the rest of the time.  We’ve installed underfloor heating across the property which draws energy from solar and the biomass boiler. This included 1st and 2nd plumbing. The biomass boiler and solar will provide cost savings on the property’s energy bill moving forward as well as switching to a renewable energy source.

For drinking water at the property Total Biomass installed sanitary protections and borehole filtration.

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