Severn & Wye Smokery

As an RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) approved supplier, we were highly recommended by the FEC (Farm Energy Centre) to The Severn and Wye Smokery.

In February 2018, we were commissioned to install a new bio mass boiler, buffer vessel and chimney to the estate which would feed several of their properties including holiday accommodation, factories, the popular farm shop and their new deluxe restaurant.

new bio mass boiler

New bio mass boiler

A 200KW batch boiler (fed with logs, wood chip and hay bails) has been installed and is supported by a 25,000 litre buffer vessel and Rehau pipework with a 10yr guarantee, meaning that the estate is now completely reliable on BioMass as its sole heat resource. 
Via the RHI Scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme), the savings that the smokery have made are considerable. So much so, that the estate are now planning further building expansion with Biomass as their central source of heating

Key Details
  • Location Gloucestershire
  • Project included Biomass Boiler Installation
  • Fuel Consumption -
  • Fuel Cost Saving considerable savings made
  • CO2 Saving -
  • RHI Payments Not provided
Boiler Specifications
  • Dimensions -
  • Weight -
  • Fuel logs, wood chip and hay bails
  • Boiler Output 200KW batch boiler
  • Boiler Temperature -
  • Return Flow Temperature -
  • Water Capacity 25,000 litre buffer vessel
  • Operating Pressure -
  • Power Connection -
RHI Scheme

To help you to join this green revolution, the UK Government are rewarding you by exempting you from taxes such as the Climate Change Levy. You are also paid for every kwh of heat you generate from biomass, from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. These payments are index linked to inflation and they’re guaranteed for 20 years.

Find out more about the RHI Scheme