EE Todd Strawberry Farm

Strawberry farm

EE Toddʼs successful strawberry farm in Scotland commissioned us to heat 30 of their strawberry polly tunnels to allow for the growth of additional crops to cater to the increasing demands of the supermarkets which they served. 
Stretching up to 100 metres per tunnel, we installed a Linka 999, 1 Megawatt boiler and a 120,000 litre aluminium-clad buffer vessel. 

Installation of Linka 999, 1 Megawatt boiler fully installed Linka 999

Not only did the boiler allow for pellet fuel, but could also cater to other burning materials such as straw. To allow for this, we had to install an additional filtration system to clean the burnt straw so we could extract the oily substances thatʼs produced when burning at such high temperatures.

A fantastic success story for the farm.

A fantastic success story for the farm.

Not only are we able to save them considerable costs on their future heating outlay via the RHI repayment scheme, but the farm are now able to produce a further 2 crops per season due to the additional, low cost heat weʼve been able to provide through this new Biomass system. 

Key Details
  • Location Leven, Scotland
  • Project included Full boiler house installation, 120,000 buffer vessel & Lin-Ka 999 1000KW
  • Fuel Consumption -
  • Fuel Cost Saving -
  • CO2 Saving -
  • RHI Payments Not provided
Boiler Specifications
  • Dimensions -
  • Weight -
  • Fuel -
  • Boiler Output -
  • Boiler Temperature -
  • Return Flow Temperature -
  • Water Capacity 120,000 litre
  • Operating Pressure -
  • Power Connection -
RHI Scheme

To help you to join this green revolution, the UK Government are rewarding you by exempting you from taxes such as the Climate Change Levy. You are also paid for every kwh of heat you generate from biomass, from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. These payments are index linked to inflation and they’re guaranteed for 20 years.

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