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Biomass Boiler Installer covering Hull:

Main Benefits to Biomass Heating Systems:

– Low running costs means the initial investment can be paid back quickly.

– A renewable source of energy

– Grants and incentives available from the government (RHI)

– Lower carbon emissions

Will biomass work with my current heating system?

Yes, biomass is extremely flexible and will work with most existing systems. Please do get in touch and we can talk you through the options.

Do I need a lot of space to accommodate a biomass boiler?

No, we have an array of biomass boilers for every situation, space and budget.

Are there different types of biomass fuel?

There are several different forms of biomass fuel and here at Total Biomass weʼre installing many different types of boilers which can handle an array of biomass fuel. Logs, Pellets, Wood chip and Wood waste can all be used as biomass fuels. One of our preferential sources of Biomass is wood pellets as they are clean, easy to store, handle and source. In addition, once “fed” with pellets, wood pellet boilers can run with minimum effort and maximum output.

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