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Yearly CO2 Reduced
Yearly CO2 Reduced
Biomass Fuel Saving
Biomass Fuel Cost Saving
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Biomass Systems Installed
Biomass Systems Installed

Since moving into the renewables sector and the birth of TNS, we have installed both biomass and biogas systems

About Total Biomass Solutions

Total Biomass Solutions (TBS) is an independent biomass and biogas systems installation company. We operate UK-wide, and offer:

Our expertise comes from over 30 years of large scale, commercial heating system installation, gained in a broad range of environments such as schools, hospitals, sports facilities, hotels and many more, employing technologies such as low and high temperature hot water, steam, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

Renewable Heat Incentive

Total biomass van on site

Since the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme in 2011 and, more recently, the birth of TBS as a specialist renewable heating installation company, our focus has been on the integration of biomass and biogas systems into and/or replacing systems burning fossil fuels, such as gas and oil. A large proportion of our projects have been in agricultural and horticultural environments such as commercial glasshouses and on farms. We also have a significant body of expertise in district heating schemes to houses and on business and holiday parks.

Total Biomass on site

TBS has the experience and expertise you need to make your renewables project a success. To quickly and safely move from concept to commissioning to start to reap the significant benefits that renewables based heating systems bring, contact TBS today. Let us help you turn your technology and sustainability plans into reality.

The National Trust

  • Location Chesterfield
  • Project included Boiler installation, Pipework installation & District Heat mains to multiple properties
  • Fuel Consumption pellets per annum
  • Fuel Cost Saving considerable savings made
  • CO2 Saving -
  • RHI Payments Not provided
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RHI Scheme

To help you to join this green revolution, the UK Government are rewarding you by exempting you from taxes such as the Climate Change Levy. You are also paid for every kwh of heat you generate from biomass, from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. These payments are index linked to inflation and they’re guaranteed for 20 years.

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